BRATECK 135" Projector Screen, Electric with Remote, Fiberglass Matte White Fabric. 16:9 aspect Ratio. 3m x1.68m (WxH). Wall or Ceiling mounted.

The Electric Projection Screen PSAA135 is perfect for education, commercial presentations or residential home cinema. This screen is equipped silent operation synchronized motor with extended operational longevity and low power consumption. The included standard Radio Frequency (RF) remote control allows operating the screen freely in the room. Its 3-way wall switch provides additional control options. Black-backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior colour reproduction. Standard 4-side black masking borders. Fibreglass matte white screen material with 1.2 gain and 120°viewing angle is durable and easy to clean. The tubular motor on option. The projection area of this 135’’ screen is 3.00x1.68m.


  • Silent Tubular Motor: offers extended operational longevity and low power consumption
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Remote: provides control integration for an effortless viewing experience
  • 3-Way Wall Switch: provides additional control options
  • Wall/Ceiling End Cap Design: allows for multiple configurations and versatility in installation and setup
  • 4-Side black Masking Borders: enhance picture contrast
  • Black-Backed Screen Material: eliminates light penetration for superior colour reproduction
  • Cleanable Screen Material: for easy maintenance
  • Steel Case: heavy-duty roller and reliable spring inside
Product Category: Electric Projection Screen
Rank: Standard
Installation: Wall Mounted,Ceiling Mounted
Case Dimensions: 331cm
Case Material: Steel
Case Shape: D-Shaped
Screen Material: Fiberglass Matte White Fabric
Gain: 1.0
Viewing Angle: 160°
Maintenance: Cleanable
Ratio: 16:9
Diagonal: 135"
Viewing Size (WxH): 3x1.68m
Top Border (B1): 6 cm (2.4")
Bottom Border (B2): 4 cm (1.6")
Side Border (B3): 4 cm (1.6" )
Motor Type: Tubular Motor
Optional Motor Type: Synchronized Motor
Controller Type: Radio Frequency(RF) Remote Control
Certification: CE
Power Plug Included: Yes
Dry Battery : Yes

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