** Future Kit needs to be assembled **


Kit ready to go - meaning it has the battery and battery snap added to the package 

Includes 1 x FK145, 1 x Battery Holder and 2 x AA Batteries


This kit make a game circuit that tests your steady hand skills. After assembly you will have a shaped wire and a loop on a wire handle. Try to pass the loop over the wire without touching it! Touch the wire with the loop and it will buzz until it is reset. Kit can be modified to use other wire shapes and loops to make just about any size or skill game.


A great game or educational project. Learn about electronics while having fun. Lots of fun to build and play.


Kit comes with complete with a circuit discription, circuit board, components, buzzer and step by step instructions. Requires basic soldering skills, a small amount of solder and a 15 to 30 watt soldering iron. Requires 3 volts DC to operate.


Another great kit to have fun and experiment with.


Technical data

- Power supply : 3VDC.

- Electric current consumption : 50mA (max.)

- IC board dimension : 3.19 in x 1.12 in

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