11125 medium

The motor driver board is a pre-assembled circuit that includes the PICAXE-08 chip and L293D output driver chip. The board can be used to drive four individual On/Off outputs (e.g. buzzers), or the outputs can be used in pairs to allow forward-reverse-stop control of two motors.
  • Connections are via screw terminal blocks

The project board can be used with any 8 pin PICAXE chip (PICAXE-08 and L293D ICs provided) and can be used with any software application that supports the PICAXE hardware, including the free PICAXE Programming Editor and/or Logicator for PIC Micros software.

PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board Datasheet PDF Datasheet

PICAXE USB Download Cable Datasheet PDF Datasheet

PICAXE-08M2 Microcontroller Datasheet PDF Datasheet


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