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This PICAXE-08M Starter Pack (AXE003U) is a self-assembly kit, based on the PICAXE-08M2 Microcontroller.

The starter pack is targeted at schools and general educational purposes, but the open design also makes it very useful for hobbyists to use it as a project board, or for any one who wants to self study, or learning by experimenting.

The 'starter pack' includes both a training board, download cable and a battery box. The software needed is free, so all extra you need to get started, is a computer and batteries. Furthermore, free training resources and tutorials are provided in the PICAXE manual (Part 1 - Getting Started).

The project board comes with assembly instructions, and when completed, the board will contain the following:

  • PICAXE-08M2
  • IC socket (to easily replace the PICAXE-08M2)
  • All necessary extra components for the PICAXE-08M2 to operate
  • USB cable connector

All required software is now available from www.picaxestore.com

Pack size 200x290x50mm
Pack weight 140g

Pack Contents:

AXE021 PICAXE-08 Proto Board
AXE007M2 PICAXE-08M2 Microcontroller
BH0062 4.5V Battery box
AXE027 USB Download Cable


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