The PRO-2 MKII is a straightforward traditional two-channel mixer with a solid build quality and an uncluttered layout. It has high quality faders, sturdy rotaries and includes a dedicated microphone input with two-band EQ and level control. The monitor section features a rotary control to switch between channels 1 and 2 allowing the user to have a mix of both channels at the same time through the headphones.

  • 2 channel, 5 input mixer - 2 phono, 2 line, 1 mic
  • Individual gain controls
  • 2 band music EQ with up to 35dB cut per channel
  • Dedicated mic channel with 2 band EQ
  • Headphone cue mix
  • 3-bar LED monitor
  • Easy glide replaceable crossfader
Power supply 12Vac, 500mA
Headphone output 32 ohms, 1.8V (>5dB)
Input : Line -13dB, 47k ohms (±2dB)
Input : Phono -48dB, 47k ohms (±2dB)
Input : DJ Mic -53dB, 6k ohms (±1dB)
Output : Master RCA 0dB, 47k ohms (±2dB)
Output : Headphone -3dB/33 ohms +5dB, ±2dB
Frequency response : Line 20-20KHz ±2dB
Frequency response: Mic 20-20KHz +2, -3dB (RIAA)
Frequency response : Phono 50-20KHz ±1dB dB
EQ Line: Hi +10/-30dB +2/-2dB @ 10KHz
EQ Line: Low +10/-30dB +2/-2dB @ 100Hz
EQ Mic: Hi +12/-12dB +2/-2dB @ 10KHz
EQ Mic: Low +12/-12dB +2/-2dB @ 100Hz
THD >0.2%
Weight 2.8kg
Dimensions 228 x 265 x 87mm (6U)

Info / Manual

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