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4 x 50 Channels Professional UHF PLL Wireless Karaoke Microphone System

Each channel has 50 different frequency points for selection.
1.Four channel AFS frequency automatic search function in dependently.
2.The frequency can by synchronized between receiver and transmitter via infrared.
3.Four channels which of volume and audio frequency control independently and 4+2 audio frequency output.
4.Transmitter battery monitoring.
5.Handheld, lavalier, headset can be mixed use.
6.LCD display shows status of frequency, AF and RF signal etc.
7.Using four same channel to make the transmitter can exchange.
8.Noise locked, Pilot Tone locked and Squelch Control.
9. Frequency:  UHF 640MHz - 690MHz
10. Frequency Response:   40Hz~18KHz
11. Battery Life:  12 Hours ( AA batteries )
12. Range:  Up to 300 feet
13. Rack mountable, Fits 19" rack
Package includes:
(1)  Four channel UHF diversity receiver
(2) 2 x Headset Microphones
(3) 2 x Body packs
(4) 2 x Handheld Microphones
(5) 1/4" audio cable  
(6) AC-DC 240V universal adapter
(7) User's manual 

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