Set of 4 Slim Par 6 x 3W and Bag

3-in-1 LEDs

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Create atmosphere with this BeamZ SlimPar30 set (4 pieces) and bag

With this BeamZ SlimPar30 set you will receive 4 BeamZ SlimPar30 spots. The SlimPar30 is a compact spot with an amazing amount of light. Each spot has 6 LEDs with a capacity of 3W per LED. To easily create a dynamic show, the spots can respond to music / sound, but you can also opt for one of the built-in programs. With the included remote control the operation of the spots is easy and very intuitive. Each SlimPar30 spot is also equipped with a display and buttons to adjust the lamp to your own preferences.

Due to its RGB color mixing, the SlimPar30 is capable of producing a huge number of colors. With this set you can quickly and easily give a room an attractive look by, for example, projecting the light up against a wall. If you just want a fast and flashy show, then you ensure fast color transitions and you possibly use the internal strobe function.


BeamZ SlimPar30 - Powerful compact LED Par spot 6x 3W LEDs

BeamZ SlimPar30 - User-friendly, compact and powerful

The BeamZ SlimPar30 is an LED spot that despite its simplicity manages to surprise. An amazing amount of light comes from the compact housing that is equipped with 6 powerful LEDs. Thanks to RGB color mixing, the SlimPar30 is able to make an enormous amount of colors for a colorful light show. Operation is simple, plug in and the SlimPar30 is ready for use. Choose one of the pre-programmed programs with the supplied remote control or on the lamp itself or use it in the sound control and enjoy everything this spot has to offer. Due to its compact size, the SlimPar30 is ideal for the mobile DJ or for use in the hospitality industry at bowls, clubs, cafés, etc.

RGB color mixing

It may not mean anything to you, but RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. These 3 colors are the primary colors with which many other colors can be made. Each LED of the SlimPar30 has a light source with this color. For the color red, for example, the 6 LEDs will illuminate the red light source. But it works differently for the colors yellow or purple. Because despite the fact that the SlimPar30 has no yellow or purple, it can make it. Turning on the red and green light source produces yellow. The same with blue and red. Turn on blue and red and purple will appear. By playing with the intensity of the colors, it is then again possible to make all kinds of color variations. RGB color mixing ensures that the SlimPar30 is able to create many colors.


  • Powerful LEDs (RGB)
  • Pre-programmed shows
  • Stand alone mode
  • Remote control included
  • Sound-controlled with adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto mode with adjustable speed
  • Control panel with LED display


Beam angle: 18 °

Field angle: 37 °

Number of colors: 3 (RGB), making many colors through color mixing

Number of LEDs: 6 (3W per LED)

Connection voltage: 230Vac / 50Hz

Power: 15W

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions: 13 x 8.5 x 12.5 cm

Weight: 0.3 kg



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