Voucher Terms and Conditions

Our gift vouchers can be purchased from either of our two stores or online.

When gift vouchers are purchased online, you have the option of supplying a recipient email address. We will email the voucher to the recipient with the giftee's details on it, within business hours.

Vouchers can't be exchanged for cash or payment of any kind. They must be redeemed for goods by the named person. Vouchers cannot be used by trade ("Lumen"), school or export accounts.

Gift vouchers are valid in Sound Division / Surplustronics stores in person, or can be used to pay for an online order. Due to technical constraints we are currently unable to accept gift vouchers online, though you can still place an order by selecting the "Bank Transfer" payment method, then giving us a call with your voucher number. We will be enabling the use of gift vouchers online very soon.

Gift vouchers cannot be purchased via Click & Collect.

You can check your balance any time by calling us.

Gift voucher value does not have to be all used at once, it has a 'stored value'. If the voucher's balance does not cover the order's total, you can pay the difference using a cash-based payment method (e.g. cash, credit card, EFTPOS).

Sound Division / Surplustronics reserves the right to make changes to the operation of the gift card program.