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The MAX KB4 keyboard

The MAX KB4 keyboard has a robust and impact-resistant housing, so it can take a beating, making it ideal for young enthusiastic players as well. The keyboard is also equipped with an LED display, 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, 24 demo songs, different percussions, vibrato, sustain and a record function with which rhythms can be recorded and saved for later use. The KB4 therefore offers sufficient challenge and possibilities for the novice player.


The MAX KB4 keyboard can be connected in various ways. At home, on the mains, but there are also possibilities outside because the KB4 also works on 6 AA batteries (not included), so you can also use it 'mobile'. The built-in speakers can be used to reproduce the sound. The headphone connection can also be used to connect a sound system if you want to perform for several people.

Don't make things more difficult than necessary with this complete MAX KB4SET keyboard starter set. A complete package to immediately start playing the keyboard.


  • Keyboard with 61 keys and plug-in music / tablet stand
  • Learn quickly with 3-step training function and keyboard stickers
  • Can be used with the 'SimplyPiano' app
  • LED display
  • 255 Timbres & 255 Rhythms
  • 24 demonstration songs
  • Multiple percussion options
  • Master Volume / Accom Volume / Tempo Control
  • Sustain / Vibrato
  • One-key / Follow / Ensemble
  • Start / Stop / Sync / Fill-in
  • Single Chord / Fingered Chord
  • Rhythm programming function
  • Recording and playback option
  • 3.5mm jack microphone input
  • 3.5mm jack output for headphones or sound system
  • Connection voltage: 230Vac / 50Hz (adapter included)
  • Also works on 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Please note : Tablet, Child, Speaker and Microphone on Stand not included ( pictured for reference only )

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions (keyboard): 859 x 270 x 94mm
  • Weight (keyboard): 4kg


 Extra Info for Parents:

A keyboard is much more than a piano

It will come as no surprise that the keyboard originally descends from the piano. The keyboard was mainly created because in this way people could get a much cheaper “piano” at home that also took up much less space. Subsequently, the keyboard has been further developed into an instrument that is much more than a piano.

In any case, a keyboard has a built-in speaker and also countless pre-programmed tones, melodies and rhythms of various musical instruments on board with which you can in fact accompany your own music. You can also make your own recordings and then use them as an accompaniment.

A keyboard also has countless functions that I will further describe and explain in this blog. Hopefully it will help you make a choice for your ideal keyboard.

Learn to play the keyboard

As with many things, playing the keyboard only becomes really fun when you can do it a little. Learning is fastest when it is fun. That is why we have a number of keyboards with a built-in training function. With this built-in 3-step training function you get to know the keys well and train yourself to effortlessly find the right key.

Another aid for learning to play is keyboard stickers. By sticking these stickers on the keys of your keyboard, you can easily see which note corresponds to which key of your keyboard. This can be a very useful tool. You will find that you will need the stickers less and less over time :)

Another option, suitable for all keyboards, is learning by means of an app.

Learn to play the keyboard with an app

Learning through play is a very successful method. In fact, that applies to learning everything, but our experience is that this certainly also applies to playing keyboard. An app can help with this very well and we are happy to share our favorite app with you: Simply Piano from JoyTunes

There are a lot of different songs in the app that you can choose from. You can then play along with the music where the microphone of your tablet (or phone) picks up the sound from your keyboard and checks whether you are doing it correctly. You will then receive instructions on how to improve your game. Very educational and fun!

Because the microphone of your tablet simply picks up the sound from your keyboard, no further connection with the keyboard is required. Switch on your tablet and you're done!

Good to know ... Simply Piano's introductory lessons are completely free so feel free to try it out. 

Keyboards for beginners

We have a number of affordable entry-level models that are perfect for discovering if playing keyboard is right for you. These keyboards all have 61 keys because this is often the standard for music lessons and is often even recommended. You have enough space on this to play with two hands without it becoming unnecessarily extensive, complicated or expensive.

Our MAX KB4 and MAX KB1 keyboards are all perfectly suited for this. They all have the aforementioned built-in training function and headphones can be connected so that you can practice concentrated in peace and quiet without disturbing others.




Velocity sensitive keys

You may have seen this term before, but what exactly are velocity-sensitive keys ? It's actually very simple. With a keyboard without velocity-sensitive keys, it does not matter how hard you hit a key, the tone always sounds the same loud. This is different for a keyboard with velocity-sensitive keys and by hitting the keys hard or soft you get sounds of different volumes. This way you get a more dynamic and natural sound.


Some accessories to consider:

Keyboard stand and keyboard bank

A keyboard stand and keyboard bank are especially useful when you often play at different locations. Then you know for sure that you can place your keyboard properly and that you can sit on it at the right height. To top it off, you can choose to buy a cover for your keyboard stand. That makes the whole thing a bit more professional. It is even possible to place a light effect under this cover for the perfect atmosphere.

Keyboard bag

A keyboard bag is useful for transporting your keyboard easily and safely.


Keyboard stickers

We have already mentioned it above. You can stick keyboard stickers on the keys to make it easier to see which key you should have. This is very useful in our experience.

Music stand

In any case, a music stand is superfluous with all Max keyboards because they have a fixed stand to easily place your sheet music or tablet.

It is good to know that we also have complete keyboard sets with all the necessary accessories for the beginner.


Which keyboard should I choose?

Hopefully the above information has given you a clear picture of the different keyboards and will help you make a choice.



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