Turntable Styli - HiFi

Quality UK made styli.

How can i be sure to order correctly?
Before you go ordering a styli, there a couple of things you should check first, Almost 100% of all returns made to us are for the following reason – a stylus was ordered according to the player model, even though the ‘cartridge’ had been changed from the OEM supplied. For example you might have a Dual turntable with a ‘Audio-Technica’ cartridge on it.
All our styli are UK made copies unless marked with the words 'Original'.
Here’s how to be safe:
1) Find your brand and model, then take a look at our picture, comparing it with your old stylus. If it’s looks the same then you will be safe to order it.
2) If different looking, this means the cartridge has at some stage been changed. Take a closer look at the cartridge itself, see if there are any numbers or a logo on it.
3) If there is anything on it, for example a brand or number, try searching for it via our search function, if nothing shows up try splitting up numbers and letters.
4) if you still can’t be sure, rest assured that we will make swaps if the wrong one is ordered.
5) if you can take and submit a picture to us, this will enable us to make recommendation to you.

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