Battery not included

Control Channel: 2 Channel
Operating Voltage: 12V
Work: self-lock
Supporting remote control: 30 ~ 50m Open areas

Receiver parameters:

Operating voltage: DC12V
Working frequency: 315MHZ
Contact capacity: ≤ 10A/250VAC; 10A/30VDC
Receiver sensitivity:>-105dB
Remote control distance: 30 - 50m (open area) (please stretch the antenna in order to achieve effective distance)
Control approach: four normally open (normally closed) contacts
Encoding type: fixed code; pad code
Module size: 55mm × 40 mm× 20mm
Work status: Self-locking
Shock resistance: 270K

Remote control parameters:

Operating voltage: DC12V
Operating Current: ≤ 10mA
Operating frequency: 315MHz
Encoding type: fixed code; pad code
Dimensions: 51 mm× 39mm × 13.5mm
Oscillation resistance: 4.7m


Three working modes:

Momentary: Press and hold->On; Release->Off 

Toggle/Self-Lock: Press->On; Press again->Off

Inter-Lock: Press->On; Press other button->Off

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