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Rage 1800LED Smoke Machine With Timer Controller
The Rage1800LED is high performance 1800W DMX smoke machine with 6x 9W 4-in-1 (RGB-UV) built-in LEDs producing a stunning, sparkling and colourful light show. With fabulous smoke emissions, making it perfect for various premises, like large venues, on stages, etc. Equipped with a wired remote control (LCD with 3m cable) as well as with a wireless remote control, a high quality heating element and a built-in big reservoir (3,5 liters!) for smoke fluid.

  • 1800W smoke machine with 3-in-1 LEDs
  • A high illuminated column of smoke
  • LCD remote control with timer function
  • Red, Green or Blue LED colour control by DMX or stand alone
  • Digital display to set DMX functions and stand-alone settings easy
  • 3500ml smoke fluid tank
  • Wired remote control, cable length 4m



Heating element 1800W
Tank capacity 3.5L
No. of colours RGB
No. of LEDs 6x 4W
Power supply 240Vac / 50Hz


Smoke / Fog Fluid - High Quality / Density

Professional formula made in France to the highest standards , Beware of cheap Chinese Fluid that can damage your Machine.


Smoke / Fog Fluid - High Quality / Density

High quality fog fluid with high density and good stability. Ideal for use with all makes of fog machines with power rating between 1000 - 5000W giving the best performance while leaving no residue from this non-toxic, water based fluid.

  • High performance with dense effect
  • For best results use in machines with power rating between 1000 - 5000W
  • Leave no residue
  • Non-toxic solution
  • Conforms with REACH EC directive 91/155/EC
Density High
Colour of fluid Pink
Colour of fog Deep white
Dispersion Slow
Stability Good

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