Complete stage - 2x2 meters - height 40 cm

Great for the Mobile DJ

Product Code: STAGE2

This product is coming soon, but the arrival date is yet to be confirmed.

Complete podium of 2x2 meters with a fixed height of 40 cm

This Power Dynamics Deck750 stage is perfect for many applications. The stage is 2x2 meters in size and has square legs with a height of 40 cm. The square shape of the legs makes it possible to connect the legs to each other with special supplied clamps. This creates a super sturdy and stable construction. To be able to get on and off the stage safely, a staircase is optional (sold separately). The entire stage has a modular structure so that the stage can be easily assembled and dismantled. This makes the Deck750 stage ideal for temporary and mobile applications. The whole is delivered including all necessary accessories to put down a solid and solid stage. The Power Dynamics Deck750 stage parts have been tested according to TÜV standard DIN-15921 for a maximum load of 750 kg / m².



2x Power Dynamics Deck750 2x1m stage section

2x Power Dynamics Aluminum legs square 40cm (Set of 4 pieces)

1x Power Dynamics Podium part Self leveler (Set of 3 pieces)

1x Power Dynamics Stage Deck to Deck Clamp (Set of 3 pieces)



Power Dynamics

Power Dynamics

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