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** Future Kit needs to be assembled **

Kit ready to go - meaning it has the battery and battery snap added to the package


Includes 1 x FK908, 1 x Battery Snap and 1 x 9V Battery


The kit uses measurement based on a simple

performance with four indicators of LEDs i.e. a few LEDs will

turn on if the soil has low moisture content. On the contrary, if

the soil has high moisture content more LEDs or all of them will

turn on.


Technical data

- Power supply : 9VDC.

- consumption : 20mA max.

- status of humidity : 4 levels.

- PCB dimensions : 1.59 x 0.84 inch



• The moisture level of the soil is shown by the number of LEDs, from 1 LED for low moisture level up to 4 LEDs for high moisture level. 

• Power supply : 9V.


• PCB dimensions : 1.8” X 1.0”

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