Power your devices with accuracy and the confidence that only comes with a professional lab power supply. Select precise voltage level and current limits to prevent overheating, burnout, and over-current. Of course the output is short-circuit protected too. The compact construction uses surface mount technology and a powerful internal cooling system to deliver a highly flexible power source. With ripple voltage a tiny 1mV, you know you’re getting precisely the voltage required, reducing the risk of burnout or damage when testing and prototyping sensitive components. Output voltage is adjustable from 0 to 30VDC, and output current can be limited between 0 and 5A. Banana plug/binding posts provide output on the front of the unit, while a bright LED display keeps you informed. Includes a short banana to alligator lead set.

• Precise voltage level and current limit settings
• 1mV ripple voltage
• Avoid overheating, burnout, and over-current
• Easy-to-use LEDdisplay panel
• Input voltage: 220-240AC 50-60Hz
• Output voltage: 0-30VDC adjustable (10mV accuracy)
• Output current: 0-5A adjustable (1mA accuracy)
• Ripple current: 3mA

Product Dimensions
Width 120mm
Height 185mm
Weight 4.8kg
Length 270mm
Power Supply Units
Type of Power Supply Laboratory
Regulation Type Regulated
Voltage Display  
Current Display  
Output Connection Banana 4mm (standard),Binding Post Terminals
Number of Outputs 1pc
Ripple Voltage 1mV
AC Voltage Rating
AC Frequency 50Hz
AC Voltage rating 230V
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 30V
DC Current Rating
DC current rating 5A
Mains powered
Frequency 50Hz
Mains Item connection Standard IEC320 (C13/C14)
Mains lead included  
Mains Voltage Range 220V-240V
Rated for AU Mains  
Warranty: 12 Months

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