IN-101 UHF PLL Wireless In-Ear Monitor System  IN-101 

Its becoming standard to use In-Ear Monitors (IEM) instead of foldback speakers as primarily it reduces SPL on stage and removes feedback problems. The ability for any singer or musician to control their own monitoring level is priceless  - not to mention you look the part too!

By contrast to foldback speakers, No matter where you move on the stage area the sound is always consistent. It has clear sound quality, ultra low noise, with stereo and mono tone function.

Efficient and reliable radio frequency performance, can be transmit a stable audio signal up to 80 meters range.


  • UHF phase lock circuit, stable and low harmonic distortion
  • Frequency group and a group of users to set up and store the frequency, the default group is compatible with working frequency
  • LCD display, transferring function by the button
  • The transmitter and receiver are independent with mono and stereo modulation function
  • Excellent circuit design to achieve the best signal to noise ratio, limited to reduce the auditory fatigue
  • The receiver has volume balance control channel, making it convenient for users to adjust the volume
  • The transmitter has 6.5mm stereo monitor headphone output, the minimum impedance is 16 ohm
  • Full frequency response, high degree of accuracy of the stereo
  • Half frame, single channel transmit design, with rack mounting kit
  • Transmission audio input use balanced and unbalanced shared socket
  • Transmission AF input, the back panel is provided with 0dB and -12dB switching switch.


  • 1 x Belt pack receiver with 3.5mm stereo socket output (can be used any earphone with 3.5mm stereo socket)
  • 1 x In-Ear earphone
  • 1 x transmitter base unit
  • 2 x 1.5V batteries
  • 1 x 19 inch rack mount Adapter
  • 1 x antenna
  • 1 x user's manual
  • 1 x DC 14V power supply

Specifications IN-101 Transmitter

Transmission channel:  Single channel
Carrier Wave Frequency Range:  516 - 541 MHz
Oscillation mode: phase-locked Loop controlled
RF turning step:  25KHz (Depend on where you located)
Modulation mode:  FM Stereo modulation
Transmitter power:  ≧50mW,(Depend on where you located)
Modulation level:  ±40KHz
Frequency responses:  40Hz-15KHz
Audio input:   XLR and 6.3mm composite socket
Earphone output :  6.3mm stereo socket, adjustable volume
Earphone  output impedance:  ≧16Ω
Dimension (mm):  210(L) x 45(H) x 148(D)
Weight(kg):  1.1


Specifications IN-101 Body-pack Rceciver

Receiving number:   Unlimited
Carrier Wave Frequency Range: 516 - 541 MHz
Oscillation mode:   PLL Phase-locked Loop controlled
RF tuning step:  25KHz (Depend on where you located)
Modulation mode:   FM Stereo modulation
Sensitivity:   S/N>80dB base on input 6dBμV
Stereo separation:  ≧45dB,1KHz
S/N>80dB with input 6dBμV  :  40Hz-15KHz
Output socket:   3.5mm stereo earphone socket
Output power   2×50mW以1KHz (THD 3%)
Earphone  output impedance:  ≧16Ω
Dimension (mm):  66(L) x 108(H) x 22(D)





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