Hook up Wire Stranded One of Each Colour

6 x 50m Rolls 13 x 0.12mm

Product Code: CBL0300MIX

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Hook up Wire Stranded - One of Each Colour

6 x 50m Rolls 13 x 0.12mm

Red - Black - Green - White - Blue - Yellow

This is a spool of great quality hook-up wire, 50 metres in length   This is stranded wire, which is much more flexible than solid wire and is good for projects where you need the wire to be able to bend.   You can easily use this wire while prototyping on a breadboard by stripping the end and giving the strands a firm twist.   The gauge is 26AWG and here are the technical details for that number!   Wire and Cable
Conductor Overall Diameter 1.8mm
Resistance per Linear Metre 136.5mΩ
Wire Category Hook up / power
Retail Sales Unit Roll
Roll Length 50m
Individual Conductor Strand Diameter 0.12mm
AWG 26
Number of Conductor Strands 13pc

DC current rating 1.0A