DIY Automatic Watering Irrigation System

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DIY Automatic Watering Irrigation System Soil Moisture Sensor Pump Module Kit

Test the relay module: connect the relay module VCC to 5V, GND to ground, IN to GND, the relay jumps, and when IN is suspended, the relay recovers, so you can hear the relay "Kaka" sound repeatedly.
Test the soil moisture sensor module: connect the fork probe and transmitter module with two DuPont lines, the transmitter module. VCC is connected to 5V, GND is grounded, just after power-on, the red power light is always on, green (blue) color indication. The lamp flashes faintly once, the fork probe is directly inserted into the water, and the green (blue) light is on.
Connect the line of the pump to 5V, the black line is grounded, the pump works, pay attention to the test for 1 second, and it is not allowed to work in the air for a long time.
Do not pour water directly on the sensor. The humidity of the water will rust the sensor.
The kit can automatically water the vegetable garden, garden, and control the flower pot soil moisture.

Type: Automatic Watering System Kit
Material: Plastic
Power Supply: DC 5V Power Bank (Not Included) / 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
Features: Easy Installation, Soil Moisture Sensor, Wide Application
Hose Length: 50cm/19.69" (Approx.)



1 x relay module
1 x soil moisture probe + comparison module
1 x  small water pump
1 x  battery case
1 x USB power cord
10  x 20CM DuPont Line (F-F)
50CM silicone water pipe