The variable autotransformer (Variac is the trade name of a popular brand) is one of the most useful and efficient devices ever invented for the control of AC votage and of voltage-dependent parameters such as current, power, temperature, light intensity, motor speed etc. It enables the AC input to a mains powered appliance to be easily varied from 0 to full line voltage (or greater). Encased in heavy-duty steel housing it also features on/off switch, output-voltage meter, mains-supply lead and standard 3-pin power output. A must for testing appliance performance under real (simulated) mains fluctuations.

Now supplied with slow blow fuses for extra reliability.

• Rated power handling: 500 VA (fused)
• Input voltage: 240 VAC @ 50Hz
• Output Voltage: 0~260 VAC @ 50Hz
• Dimensions: 165 x 120 x 160mm (D x W x H)

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