This is a low-power consumption 32 character LCD Module with a built-in controller. The module can be easily interfaced with MCU, Each character consist of 5x8 dots.

Display Format: 16 Characters X 2 Lines


Using HD44780
Product Name 1602 LCD Module black Characters Yellow Backlight HD44780
Display Format: 16 Characters X 2 Lines
Character Format 5 X 8 dots
Drive Method 1/16 Duty , 1/5 Bias
LCD Type STN Blue
LED Backlight Yellow
Driving Voltage single +5V supply
Viewing Direction 6 o'clock
Operating Temperature 0 celi ~ +50 celi
Module Size 80 mm X 36 mm X 13.5 mm
View Area 64.5 mm X 13.8 mm
Item Net Weight 50g / 1.6oz




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