8284 medium

PCB Only for the Dice project. Uses an 8 pin microcontroller to generate an electronic dice.

Parts you will need to add to make the AX105 dice


7 CR0101 R1 to 7 330R resistor
1 CR0111.8 R8 22k resistor
2 CR0111 R9,10 10k resistor
6 LA0060 LED1 to 7 5mm LEDs
1 ESP0602 SW1 push switch
1 CS0601 IC1 8 pin IC socket
1 AEX007M2 IC1 PICAXE-08 microcontroller
1 PICCON039 CT1 PICAXE download 3.5mm socket
1 BH0028 BT1 4.5V (3xAA) battery box
1 AEX105 PCB printed circuit board


Pdficon Info / Manual

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