Data Logger Kit

Assembled Using the 18X Chip

Product Code: AXE110P


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Datalogger. Using an 18X chip the data logger is supplied. Pre-assembled, requires Programming Editor software (BAS805) and Download cable (AXE026 or AXE027) for operation

The Data Logger comes assembled, with a Printed Circuit board:
The Data Logger uses AXE015X 18pin Picaxe which is supplied
A CS0800 (DS18B20 One wire Temperature measuring chip) and an LDR for measuring light intensity are supplied
There is a 24LC16B EEPROM chip and 3 x AA battery boxto get a Data Logging system going.
A Real Time Clock kit is available Just add CT0720

Datalogger Project Kit Datasheet PDF Datasheet





A PICAXE microcontroller is designed to be the brain of your electronic project. Originally designed as an educational system for schools, the PICAXE system has now also been widely adopted by hundreds of thousands of 'hobbyists' due to its ease of use. Each year thousands of high school students to...

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