Video Cable single silver OD 6.0 Coax 75ohm Black

100 Metre Roll - SALE

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Video Cable single silver OD 6.0 Coax 75ohm Black   SALE PRICE . while stocks last , Save 25%

Although this coaxial cable is specifically designed for digital audio interconnects such as
those used between DVD players and digital decoders for surround sound systems,
it would be an excellent alternative to regular 75Ω coax where high signal quality is essential. The cable core is 0.5mm diameter OFC Copper plated in 80in Silver. The Silver plating takes advantage of the phenomenon of skin effect . Skin effect describes the tendency of ultrahigh frequencies to be conducted on the surface of the wire as opposed to through the wire s total profile. The lower resistance of silver over copper ensures optimum transmission of theses ultrahigh frequencies. This core is covered with a PE insulation. The screen is Mylar/Aluminium covered with a tightly woven Pure Copper braid and the sheath is black PVC. Recommended connectors are the Shark 6mm High Performance Phonos.

Technical Specification

Overall cable diameter: 6.0mm
Conductor resistance: 85.25Ω/km
Capacitance: 70nF/km at 1KHz
Impedance: 75Ω
This product is sold as a roll of 100 metres



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