Board parts supplied:

PCB - AXE092 Schools Experimenter PCB
IC1- CS0601 8 pin IC socket
IC1 - AXE007M2 PICAXE-08M2 microcontroller
R1- CR0111.1 22k resistor (red / red /orange gold)
R2-4 - CR0111 10k resistor (brown / black / orange / gold)
R5-7 - CR0101 330 resistor (orange / orange / brown / gold)
C1- CC0254 100nF (104 or .1k) polyester capacitor
LED1- LA0060 red 5mm LED *** flat marked on PCB
LED2- LA0061 yellow 5mm LED *** flat marked on PCB
LED3- LA0062 green 5mm LED *** flat marked on PCB
LDR- CR0500 miniature LDR
SW1 ESP0603 6mm miniature push switch
SW2 SW0200 4 pole DIP switch
CN1 PICCCON039 3.5mm stereo socket
PZ1 SBP0128 piezo *** red wire to +
BAT BH0062 3xAA battery box *** red wire to +
H1 / H2 CS0595 6 pin header x 5
(*** denotes components which must be soldered the correct way around. See notes above).


(components may vary depending on stock available)

Off-board requirements:
PICAXE026 PICAXE download cable
BAT0250 4 x AA alkaline cells

Info / Manual

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