LM2596S DC - DC step-down module

The input voltage
4.5V ~ 40 V
The output voltage
35 V ~ 1.25 V
The output current
3 a (Max)
Conversion efficiency
92% (the highest)
The output ripple
< 30 mv
Switching frequency
65 KHZ
Working temperature
- 45  ~ + 85
The size
43 mm * 21 * 14 mm mm (length * width * height)

Mounting hole x 2 6mm from end

Connection port:
IN + enter the positive - negative input IN!
The positive OUT - output negative OUT + output
Range of input voltage: 4.5 V dc to 40 V, the input voltage must be higher than to the output voltage of 1.5 V or more. Can't booster)
Range of output voltage: 1.25 V dc to 35 V voltage continuously adjustable, high efficiency (92%) of the maximum output current is 3 a.
Measured input 12 v and 5 v 1 a output current at the time of the load regulation is less than 1%
Note: this is step-down module, the input voltage must be higher than the output voltage.
2 A output can long time don't need to add heat sink under the output current is greater than 2.5 A (or output power greater than 10 w) work please add heat sink for A long time.

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