FTDI USB to Serial Module. Platinum V2.1 - 5V for Arduino

Product Code: MOD0620

This product was discontinued on December 20, 2021.

FTDI USB to Serial Module. Platinum V2.1 - 5V

Great for lilypad

This is a easy way of connecting any microcontroller or embedded device (serial) to the PC (USB). This plugin should work with most serial software, so it's a brilliant add-on to your tool box.

These FTDI breakout boards have a 6 pin header, which is pin compatible with the Arduino Pro series, and compatible boards.


DTR pin connected to 6 pin header enabling auto reset on arduino pro compatible boards.
TX and RX LEDs for visible indication of data transfer.
Tiny Size 18mm x 38mm
5V (can be changed to 3.3V by moving a soldered link)
Drivers readily available.

This comes with a 6 pin female header which you will need to solder to the board



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