Plastic Gear Set - Mixed Expermenters Set

57 Types

Product Code: MOT0080


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An easy way to start expermenting with gears and mixed lot of 57 gears

Gear modulus of the package: 0.5


Spindle gear(13 styles): 9-2A 8-2A 10-2A 12-2A 12-3F 14-2A 16-2A 18-2A 8-1A 8-1.5A 10-1A 18-2.5A 18-3A

Crown tooth(9 styles): C20-2A C20-2.5A C20-1.5A C2810-2B C28-2A C30-3A C36-2.5A C36-3A 61436B

Single Gear(28 styles): 20-2A 20-2.5A 22-2A 24-2A 24-2.5A 26-2A 28-2A 30-2A 30-2.5A 30-3A 32-2A 34-2A 36-2A 38-2A 38-2.5A 38-3A 40-2A 44-2A 44-2.5A 46-2A 48-2A 50-2A 50-2.5A 50-3A 56-2A 56-3A 58-2A 60-2A

Double gear(14 styles):2410-2B 2610-2B 2810-2B 30-2B 32-2B 3410-2B 3410-2.5B 3610-2A 3610-2B 3808-2B 5010-2A 4010-2B 6208-2A 6208-2B

Worm Gear(2 styles): 6 * 6-2A 6 * 10-2A



A - Means tight Match(will small 0.05mm than standard)

B - Means loose Match(will larger 0.05mm than Standard)

Gear Diameter : (Teeth +2) * modulus = Diameter of Gear



14-2A Gear 

Tooth number: 14.

2A means fitting with 2mm diameter.

Hole diameter: 1.95 mm.

Diameter of gear = (teeth + 2) * 0.5 (mm)