Quad Truss - 290mm

1.5 Metre Long

Product Code: ALU40115B


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290mm Truss is probably the most widely used truss . Perfect for general use over short runs, 290mm truss is used for DJ / band lighting trusses or small to medium shows where roof height or sight lines are an issue.

Superior quality alloy All 290mm Alutruss use the higher strength 6082 composition.


Fast Connect System 

Using snug-fitting Conical Spigots, Pins and R-Clips, the connection systems eliminates the need for bolts & nuts, saving a lot of valuable time during set-up.

The truss comes fitted with conical couplers, spigots and safety pins for joining more pieces of truss.


 Alutruss manufacturing meet international quality demands.

Box truss has obtained  SLV and TUV ratings and exporting to many countries and regions including Europe, USA, Middle East, South Asia, etc


Other Sizes Available:

3.0 Metre Quad Truss ALU-40130B $649.00

2.5 Metre Quad Truss ALU-40125B $560.00

2.0 Metre Quad Truss ALU-40120B $475.00

1.5 Metre Quad Truss ALU-40115B $380.00

1.0 Metre Quad Truss ALU-40110B $300.00

0.5 Metre Quad Truss ALU-40110B $235.00

2 Way Quad Corner ALU-42305B $369.00

3 Way Quad Corner ALU-43205B $440.00

Quad Base Plate ALU-BASE41B $149.00




Manufactured to the highest standards using robotic welding machinery and checked with precision instruments, you can be sure that this product will go together well and can give peace of mind that it will both look amazing and not fail. AluTruss Box truss have both SLV and TUV certification....

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