Phono Pre-amplifier - Preamp

Includes Power Supply

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PDX010 Phono Pre-amplifier

The PDX010 Phono Pre-amplifier is ideal for amplifiers without phono input. This pre-amplifier with RIAA correction will amplify the weaker signal from your device to a normal line-signal. The RIAA will improve the sound enormously. With this phono pre-amplifier you can reconnect your old devices onto your modern mixer.

  • RCA in-/output
  • RIAA equalizer
  • Strong housing
  • Ground connection

Frequency Response 20 - 20.000 Hz RIAA
THD <0.08% @ 1 kHz
Input Sensitivity Line 3mV for 1000mV output
Output level Nominal 0dBV
Input Connections RCA
Output Connections RCA
Power Supply 240VAC 50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 45 x 120 x 50mm
Weight (kg) 0,30

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