Polymorph Clever Card - Clever Plastic

5 Natural Set

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5 Natural colour cards

Mouldable plastic that melts in hot water

Step 1: Prepare some hot water. It must be at least 80°C to melt the plastic.  Higher temperatures will be quicker, however will be more dangerous and can cause scalds.

Step 2: Place your card in the hot water.  Depending on the temperature of the water it can take between 20 -60 seconds to melt. The card is molten when it goes soft.

Step 3: Remove the molten plastic from the hot water. The plastic itself will be at a safe temperature and can be moulded with hands and/or the use of basic tools.

The plastic will begin to solidify after 2 minutes.

It will be hard after 15 minutes and will be completely set after 1 hour.

The plastic can be reused 100’s of times...

Simply reheat and reshape.

You can use any heat source to melt the plastic, such as; a heat gun or hair dryer.

You should always be careful with hot water.