GS530 Garden Speaker IP45 30W 100V 5.25"

(please note this speaker is only able to be connected to 100v amplifiers, not 8 ohm amplifiers)

The GS530 Garden Speaker is an outdoor speaker that can be camouflaged among planters and pots. This one is primarily designed them to be partially buried in the ground, affording homeowners superior sound performance and lower visibility. The packed earth around the speaker dampens enclosure wall resonances to zero. The GS530 has a “omni-directional” design that radiate sound in a 360-degree pattern for more uniform coverage and better sound quality. This speaker is weather-resistant and can be used exposed to the elements. Ideal for use in gardens, terraces, saunas, amusement parks, etc.

  • High power garden speaker
  • Weather-proof green robust plastic housing
  • IP45 rated
  • Supplied per piece
Power rms 30W
Tappings 30W @ 100V
Frequency response 100Hz - 10kHz
SPL @ 1W/1m 92dB
IP rating 45
Dimensions 220 x 220 x 230mm
Weight 3kg

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